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Ewan Allan,B.Eng Multimedia Sys FSA Scot.


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After a few years installing and commissioning data networks in the mid 90s, I began working as an installation engineer for theatre and concert hall projects commissioning audio, video, lighting, control and comms. During a multimedia systems degree, I continued freelancing on corporate audio visual (telepresence suites, digital signage, conference halls and on-shore control rooms) and leisure sector projects (theme parks, visitor centers, museums, interactive attractions).
In 2012, I co-created one of Scotland's most prestigious intelligent lighting control companies which continues to commission arenas, campuses and museums today. Now, after 7 years of film studio operation,  I am able to offer broadcast film and HETV services and content creation backed by a carefully chosen collective of highly skilled and experienced engineers who I've been lucky enough to have worked with on a range of projects across Europe and the Middle East.
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